Episode 51: Three Shot Latte – The Official TPP Coffeeshop AU

Welcome to the TPP Coffeeshop! What can we get for you today? Our specials include:

Coffeeshop/Fluff RT – Johnlock Edition with Alexx, Chelsea, Science, and Prettysailorsoldier talking about their favorite fluffy moments and coffeeshop AUs.
Caroline interviews Michelle about Batch of Kindness, her kindess project for Cumberbatch’s birthday.
Top Ten Coffeeshop Moments with Alexx
A rec from Chelsea about 221b_hound’s pastiche, Adventure of the Colonial Boy
Stats on coffeeshop AU’s with Caroline & Finn
A serious discussion on Privilege and Prejudice in Fandom with Shannon, earlgreytea68, Elizabeth Minkel & Finn.
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